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The Day Ladies Pointe Claire Curling Club has had a long and rich history

During the summer of 1922, a very small group of Pointe Claire ladies canvassed the community to determine if there was any interest in the game of "Curling" which had so fascinated their husbands the winter before.
The response was astonishing and on November 24, 1922, a group of 22 women gathered at the new men's club. Within an hour, these ladies agreed to form The Ladies' Pointe Claire Curling Club.

The concept of the Ladies' Club was welcomed by the men with great enthusiasm.   The initial annual rental was set at $75. Annual membership fee was three dollars.   It started out as an autonomous institution in 1922, and later joined the Pointe Claire Curling Club.   

Curling since 1922 !

The Day Ladies Training and Education Program

The Day Ladies Branch provides clinics by qualified and experienced curlers to new curlers and offers an educational component to all players before each game. In addition to games, practice sessions are also available to improve the skill level and curling knowledge of the participants.

Fun and Friendly Competition

To preserve its well-established traditions, the Day Ladies' League offers a variety of friendly and competitive curling most weekday mornings. This league is open to women at all levels of proficiency. From the regular 4 week draws, which change every month, to the more competitive Windmill ladder which is played weekly all season long. Opportunities for interclub play are available through the All-Star league, held in the fall. Many other LCA (Ladies Curling Association) bonspiels are scheduled throughout the year. Players are encouraged to enter a team.

A ‘Green’ is a first-year curler and is encouraged to participate and get involved.

Volunteer Spirit

Pointe Claire Curling Club Day Ladies has its own Executive Committee, Match Committee, and has a seat on the Board. Volunteers are essential to the running of the Club. Catch the spirit and lend a hand. It’s a great way to meet people and enhance your curling experience.